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Josephine Schneider grew up in the baking world. With a prestigious family history as the owners of the iconic Paterson’s Cakes, Josephine started young, working in the family bakehouse after school and on holidays.

After completing an Arts degree and spending time travelling through Europe, Josephine returned to work in the family business, learning the intricate secrets to making the perfect pastries using only quality local ingredients ensuring the freshest and tastiest results.

After the closure of Paterson’s Cakes in 2010, Josephine saw a niche in the market for her high quality pastry and the restaurant industry responded with a resounding yes. With three tried and true recipes, Pastry by Paterson’s was born.

Pastry by Paterson’s is committed to continuing the great traditions Josephine learnt while working alongside her family at Paterson’s Cakes, such as:


With a dedicated clientele from within the food industry, Josephine has now expanded Pastry by Paterson’s to offer her delicious pastry range to the retail market. With a delicious full butter puff pastry made using the tradition French recipe, along with a sweet shortcrust and a savoury shortcrust, there is something for everyone.